Run with it.

Ninety percent of the nation's gasoline brands are already blended with ethanol, a high-octane, clean-burning, renewable fuel enhancer. In fact, it's probably in your car right now.


What is an ethanol blend?

An ethanol blend is a mix of ethanol with regular unleaded gasoline. The most well-known blend is E-85, meaning 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. Newer mid-range blends, E-20 and E-30, provide consumers with more options.

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Is it safe for all vehicles?

All cars built after 1980 are made to run on blends up to E-10. The EPA has authorized the use of E-15 in light-duty vehicles made after 2001. Flex fuel vehicles are made to run with even higher levels of ethanol, including E-20, E-30 and E-85.

Improved Fuel Economy

Studies show that mid-range ethanol blends like E-20 and E-30 can provide better fuel economy than regular gasoline.

Improved Performance

Ethanol's high octane rating (113) increases horsepower. In fact, ethanol is the trusted fuel of choice for the nation's highest performance drivers and is endorsed by both NASCAR and the IndyCar series.

Good for Your Car

There is no risk or extra maintenance associated with running ethanol in flex fuel vehicles. Ethanol helps prevent buildup in your fuel injection system, keeping your engine cleaner and increasing its life span.

How can I be sure my car is a flex fuel vehicle?

Check the cap.
A yellow gas cap indicating it's a flex fuel vehicle means you can
run with it.

Check the fuel door.
If your fuel door has a label indicating your vehicle is a FFV, you can
run with it.

Check the badge.
If there's a flex fuel badge on the body of your vehicle, you can
run with it.

Check the manual.
Your owner's manual will also indicate if your vehicle can
run with it.

Download this Fuel Tracker to find the right blend for your vehicle.

Find Your Blend

Every vehicle make and model runs a bit different. Give the blends a try and find what's right for you.


20% ethanol
80% unleaded gasoline


30% ethanol
70% unleaded gasoline


85% ethanol*
15% unleaded gasoline

*With E-85, the ethanol content can vary between
70% to 85% ethanol.

Do some good for your car—and for North Dakoka.

There are plenty of great reasons to run on ethanol, including:

  • Less dependence on foreign oil.
  • Fewer emissions and a cleaner environment for future generations.
  • A robust energy economy for North Dakota.

Find Flex Fuel pumps in ND.

North Dakotans for
Energy Independence

North Dakotans for Energy Independence is a coalition of state ethanol producers, farmers, fuel retailers and consumers who believe ethanol is an essential component of North Dakota's energy-producing economy.

The "Run with it" campaign is an effort to let flex fuel vehicle owners know that their vehicles are made to run with flex fuel ethanol blends; that it's a safe, efficient and reliable fuel option; and to encourage them to try it in their vehicle.